Saturday, March 31, 2012

50 Days Of Gratitude- Day #4

Day # 4: the littlest things

The wee hours of the night after the older two have gone to sleep belong to me and the littlest in our home.
He is my night owl and my sleepy time companion. 
My tiny right hand man of the dusk and evening. 
Tonight was sweet and special as many of our moments are. 
He was not ready for sleep and desperately wanted to go find the moon in the sky. 
Signing, "Moon Mama", to me with a plaintive look in his sparkly little eyes, how could I say anything but yes. Booties on to keep little toes warm and jacket bundled up tight. 
Wonderfully patient as I find my cozy gear he sits and watches me with his oh so serious expression. 
Such a grown up look from such a sweet baby face. 
Moon mama he says again with hand one outstretched and one on the door knob. 
We step out onto the porch together listening to the night in the chill breeze of fresh night air. 
Look to the left, "No moon?", his words part statement part question. 
Look to the right, "No moon", 
this time with the certainty of a child who knows what they are looking for is not to be found right now. 
The clouds cover the night sky, rains have ceased but more are on their way.
 Precious face turns up to me, arms to the sky, "Uppie Mama", and a little shiver. 
My cue that our search for the moon is complete. 
These quiet moments are that which burst my heart at its seams...that which sustains my soul!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

50 Days Of Gratitude- Day #3

Day #3: The Joy of Happy Healthy Children

Every morning as I rise to the slap of tiny hands on my forehead I can't help but smile. My early rising eager beaver can't wait to go greet the day and his joy is better than any cup of coffee for brightening the morning. Shy smiles come from my 7 year old who sits patiently waiting for the rest of us to rise; he is up with the sun.
Cute movie style eye rubs and squeaky voice come from our last riser little miss 4 who is sweet to watch as she breaks through her morning fog. Even these the tiniest of moments remind me constantly how blessed I am and how my life is so much brighter with my children in it. 
Share what your day of gratitude looks like; we'd love to see it!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

50 Days Of Gratitude- Day #2

Day #2: Find Beauty Everywhere

When you open your eyes beauty is found in everything...
In the independent 7 year old who did the dishes while I put his brother to nap; because he wanted to!
In new projects tried and tried and tried again until their is success.
In fresh cookies and pizza and Harry Potter being the rainy day menu.
In getting excited about making Easter crafts to share with friends.
In watching raindrops so large hit the house that they look like mini water balloons.
In the momentary calm and quiet from the not so little little one.
I love my life!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

50 Days Of Gratitude- Day #1

Day #1: Renewed Beginnings

In my life I have had many hard days...and really who hasn't?!
In the same light I have been graced with many beautiful blessings.
And while I am supremely grateful for every instance of my life; all of my lessons, heartaches, joys, and everything in between, I have found that my level of gratitude has been lacking.
I want to raise my children to be happy people.
To lead fulfilling and compassionate existences.
One of the purest and simplest ways for me to do this is to teach them to have gratitude in life by myself taking gratitude in even the tiniest things in life.
I want to share these 50 days with you and I encourage you to join in.
You can share your that which you are grateful for in the comments or link to your own blog. 
I would love to be part of the gratitude cycle with all of you!
As I move through my 50 days, I will try to set the pace of each day with a gratitude theme.
I will continue to post other items incorporating them into the 50 Days of Gratitude.

Today, I am grateful for the renewed energy I have in my work, my family, my choice to be on the homeschool journey with my children, and the growth of love between me and my 'love'.
Bliss and Blessings and Joy your way today!

Monday, March 26, 2012

in the now

When I stop and look around our home I realize just how much fun and love goes into each day.
Even in the midst of hustle and bustle there is always time for a smile, a hug, some painting or balloon play.
There is always time for the kids to grab ahold of me and gently anchor me in the now.
They are my heroes!
Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

reversible vest

I love making clothes for my children. It gives me a huge thrill to get the idea, pick the fabric, and create clothing that they will enjoy wearing. An outfit they feel extra special in because it is one of a kind just for them. Since the Easter is right around the corner, it seemed the perfect time to make new start of Spring outfits for my three 'littles'. My 7 year old is pretty rough and tumble but he can also be a fancy man so for him a dapper vest and pants outfit.

Reversible Vest

While I did not take pictures of the first few steps they are really simple. Pick out the two fabrics you want to use and the pattern (or clothing item) you plan to base your vest on .For this I used a t-shirt that is a little big for him so that it will fit longer. (A good example on how to do this can be found here Make It-Love It) Next, sew each individual side together leaving the tops unsewn. 
Pin the two sides of the vest together with the right sides facing in. 
 When you sew the sides together, leave the top portion of the outer vest unsewn. (As shown below)
 Fold the raw edges in and slip the open end over the sewn part of the vest sleeve cap.
 And tada! You now have a super simple reversible vest!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

first day of spring

On this the first day of spring, we are...
pouring over our list of seeds to plant
going through all the clothes that were outgrown during the winter
preparing for the Easter (Eostre) and it's fanciful celebrations
getting ready for some little egg laying friends
pulling out the scrap fabrics from last outfits anyone?
listening to the sounds of new baby Hawks, Owls, Robins, and Hummingbirds chattering in our trees
trying our hand at some basic permaculture design...wish us luck
feeling so glad to be at the beginning of a new Spring season

Monday, March 19, 2012

bowl me over

When the weather is cold and damp and cabin fever has set in a good old game of family bowling is the best cure! Even bowling on St Patty's day; which means lots of good ole Irish music playing and people decked out in all of the finest shades of green imaginable. 
I love family game time!!!