Saturday, March 31, 2012

50 Days Of Gratitude- Day #4

Day # 4: the littlest things

The wee hours of the night after the older two have gone to sleep belong to me and the littlest in our home.
He is my night owl and my sleepy time companion. 
My tiny right hand man of the dusk and evening. 
Tonight was sweet and special as many of our moments are. 
He was not ready for sleep and desperately wanted to go find the moon in the sky. 
Signing, "Moon Mama", to me with a plaintive look in his sparkly little eyes, how could I say anything but yes. Booties on to keep little toes warm and jacket bundled up tight. 
Wonderfully patient as I find my cozy gear he sits and watches me with his oh so serious expression. 
Such a grown up look from such a sweet baby face. 
Moon mama he says again with hand one outstretched and one on the door knob. 
We step out onto the porch together listening to the night in the chill breeze of fresh night air. 
Look to the left, "No moon?", his words part statement part question. 
Look to the right, "No moon", 
this time with the certainty of a child who knows what they are looking for is not to be found right now. 
The clouds cover the night sky, rains have ceased but more are on their way.
 Precious face turns up to me, arms to the sky, "Uppie Mama", and a little shiver. 
My cue that our search for the moon is complete. 
These quiet moments are that which burst my heart at its seams...that which sustains my soul!

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  1. Whaaa he is so precious and you told this moment so well, I had tears in my eyes from the sweetness :)
    Love you guys!