Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Creations

Although I could celebrate Christmas and the Solstice for a month each, I am super excited now that the holidays are over, because now I can share some of what was made with you. 
 Flower Ear Muff Headbands (tutorial to come)
 Upcycled Wrist Warmers for my nephew with antiqued wooden buttons

 Upcycled Sweater Dress with Corduroy neckline, bow, and wide hem for my niece
Upcycled Wrist Warmers for my brother
 Constellation Cards for my sweet astronomer
 Carry Case for the Constellation Cards
 Upcycled Portable Denim Road with Travel Bag
 Aprons for everyone!
Salt Dough Jewelry for each munchkin to paint as they please
 8 Foot Teepee's for the two oldest 
Cozy Cuddle Pillow for the littlest 'little' in the house

How was your Handmade Holiday? What extra special creations were gifted to you or the ones you love? What extra special gifts did you make to gift? If you would like to share your handmade holiday with us, leave a link in the 'comments' section for all to share and see.

Friday, December 30, 2011

{this moment]

{this moment} -A Friday ritual. A single photo -no words- capturing a moment from this week. A simple, special extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor, and remember.
If  you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your moment in the 'comments' for all to see.
Have a Bliss filled and Safe New Year!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

100th Post Giveaway Winner!!!

Congratulations Amanda (Petunia Picklebottom)! You are the winner of the 100th Post Celebration Giveaway. Thank you to everyone who participated and thank you all for being here with me. It means the world!!!

(Choice of one of the three items above; prize won't be identical to pictures fabrics will vary.)
To claim your prize, please send me a message with your prize preference and mailing address. Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

100th Post and a Giveaway!

Today marks a milestone in my blogging. Today is my 100th post and to celebrate I am having a giveaway! One lucky reader will receive one of these three lovely gifts as my way to say thank you for hanging out here with me and supporting what I do.
 Upcycled Wristwarmers with wooden buttons (child or adult size color will vary from these)

  Plush ABC Set with Drawstring Bag
Sweet Lil" Helpers Apron (fabric will be different)
 All you need to do is leave a post in the comments and you could be the winner! (Winning number will be generated by a random number generator.) Have a great day, good luck and thank you all for your support!

sweet lil' helpers apron tutorial

Howdy and happy Tuesday!! Today I thought I would give the gift of crafting to all who wish it. Our Solstice/ Christmas Holiday was a nearly entirely handmade one which is exciting for me being that this is my very first handmade holiday. I stuck to simple and sweet gifts to create so that I would not bite off more than I could create in time. With three little ones I managed to have more creations than time though and so they will be receiving gifts for a while until momma is all done sewing...lucky munchkins! One of my favorite presents to make was the "Sweet Lil' Helpers" apron. Here are directions in case your mini chef needs cover for cooking their masterpieces!

Sweet Lil Helpers Apron

What you will need:
2 types of material  big enough cover your little ones front (upcycling works great for this project)
elastic (I used 1/4 inch but 1/2 inch would work fine too)
Button (large wooden or plastic -if no wood is available)
Thread and needle (for hand sewing the button)
sewing machine

1. Fold your fabric in half. Using a children's shirt as a rough guide trace a pattern out onto a piece of paper (grocery bags or art paper works fine). Take the pattern and place it onto your fabric with the flat side lined up with the fold of the fabric. Trace and cut out. Repeat with the second piece of fabric. Set aside.

2. Cut out a long piece of fabric, approximately 4 inches wide and 12-20 inches long (depending on the size waist of the little person you are sewing for) for the waist strap. Cut another strip of fabric, approximately 3.5 inches wide and 18-22 inches long (you can adjust these measurements as needed to fit the size of your little helper). With the right side of the fabric facing in, fold the strips in half and sew the long edge. Flip these right side out and set aside.

3. Take the two body pieces of the apron, face the right sides of the fabric together. Sew from the top of the collar to the edge of the arm area. Take the waist strap and pin one end into the seam area of either side of the apron. Now the waist strap will be on the inside of the two apron panels. Continue to sew both long sides of the apron and flip it right side out.

4. Place a safety pin on the end of your elastic and thread it through the neck strap. Sew the elastic into one side. Pull the elastic as taut as you need for the strap to fit comfortably and hang where you want on your little helper. Once you have the proper tautness, sew the other opening and elastic together. Take the neck strap and pin the two edges into each corner of the top of the apron. Sew shut.

 5. Pin and sew the hem of the apron.
6. Sew the button to the side opposite the waist strap.

7. Using the piece of fabric that was cut from the arm hole section of the apron, place the long edge of one of the pieces onto a folded piece of fabric, trace and cut. Next, face the two half pieces right side together and sew the long edge. Now you have to half circle shaped pieces. Place these two half circles wrong side out and sew along the curved edge leaving only the top open. Turn the piece right side out and sew the top closed. Now you have the front of your roo-pocket.Center and pin this to the front of the apron. Sew and voila a roo-pocket is born!

8. Using your machine or by hand sew button holes on the waist strap. Tada you are done!

Have fun. I would love to see your finished results. Leave a link in 'comments' so we can all enjoy your creations!

Monday, December 26, 2011

holding close the magic

As Christmas and the Winter Solstice leave us I can't help but reflect on this holiday season. The slow pace, the peace, the handmade and hand me down gifts...the quiet joy. I feel that this has been one of the most beautiful holidays we have had. Every moment glowed and shined with its own special magic and I cherish them all and will carry the gift of them into all of my days.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

time well spent

 (the flower and Bodhi were photos taken by Loki my 7 year old...pretty wonderful!

So much joy is to be had in these days and I intend to take part in all of it. So that I can enjoy these delightful times with friends and family to my fullest, I will be away from here until after Christmas. Have a fantastic holiday and see you all soon!