Saturday, March 24, 2012

reversible vest

I love making clothes for my children. It gives me a huge thrill to get the idea, pick the fabric, and create clothing that they will enjoy wearing. An outfit they feel extra special in because it is one of a kind just for them. Since the Easter is right around the corner, it seemed the perfect time to make new start of Spring outfits for my three 'littles'. My 7 year old is pretty rough and tumble but he can also be a fancy man so for him a dapper vest and pants outfit.

Reversible Vest

While I did not take pictures of the first few steps they are really simple. Pick out the two fabrics you want to use and the pattern (or clothing item) you plan to base your vest on .For this I used a t-shirt that is a little big for him so that it will fit longer. (A good example on how to do this can be found here Make It-Love It) Next, sew each individual side together leaving the tops unsewn. 
Pin the two sides of the vest together with the right sides facing in. 
 When you sew the sides together, leave the top portion of the outer vest unsewn. (As shown below)
 Fold the raw edges in and slip the open end over the sewn part of the vest sleeve cap.
 And tada! You now have a super simple reversible vest!

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  1. Love it! I'm sure he'll be rocking it every day :)