Thursday, March 29, 2012

50 Days Of Gratitude- Day #3

Day #3: The Joy of Happy Healthy Children

Every morning as I rise to the slap of tiny hands on my forehead I can't help but smile. My early rising eager beaver can't wait to go greet the day and his joy is better than any cup of coffee for brightening the morning. Shy smiles come from my 7 year old who sits patiently waiting for the rest of us to rise; he is up with the sun.
Cute movie style eye rubs and squeaky voice come from our last riser little miss 4 who is sweet to watch as she breaks through her morning fog. Even these the tiniest of moments remind me constantly how blessed I am and how my life is so much brighter with my children in it. 
Share what your day of gratitude looks like; we'd love to see it!

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