Me, Us, We!

My name is Ruth. I am proud mama to three very sweet little ones- Loki, Azure, and Bodhi -and the lucky life partner to Ian (not just the love of my life but my best friend too)! Lucky me! We live in beautiful Sonoma County in Northern California. And to me this is one of the most gorgeous places to raise a family ever. There are redwoods everywhere (even a few pygmy forests!), beaches in several directions, hiking, biking, and so many farm animals that my heart sings. (One day we will own a home- and homestead, possibly as a Community -in this fabulous area.) So much inspiration for crafting and creating with my children and on my own. Our home is filled with joyful noise and cozy quiet and it's just how we love it to be.

I am new to blogging and I am excited to be part of this world of sharing and creating. I am in the process of so many projects that its hard to list them all here. When they are organized (hahaha one day!) they will be shared with all of you.

I would love to hear from you all with questions or comments! Thank you for checking me out and have the best day!

Be Well,