Thursday, June 30, 2011


Yummy sun I have missed you! Time to run outside and do alot of playing. So we were supposed to get thunderstorms (I was almost hoping for this because I love to watch the lightning) but just light rain this time. Since it got sunny out we decided to escape the house and take care of some much needed business...going to the park!
 Sharing a ride and a hug. My kids are such loveys! I could just eat them up!
 He is just getting the hang of playing at the park and its exciting to watch him chase them around. There are endless giggles when he tries to give chase. Uhoh that sister seems to be escaping!
My little big man. It's so hard not to grab him up and squish him when all he wants is to be a big boy and wander around with no help from mama! So big so fast...mamas munchkin monster! Oh yeah did I mention this little man had just gotten a finger prick and two shots? This is how he looked right after...
Not even a little phased. I don't even look this good after shots. Couldn't you just eat this face!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Funny and Wonderful Things

The theme of living in our house is finding ways to be happy within yourself and having gratitude for that which surrounds you. When life becomes hectic and harried though, it is hard to remember to be grateful in the moment and see the small stuff that brings the joy into life. I have been making this happen by singing silly songs to my kids when i'm feeling most aggravated. For my oldest, Loki, writing is the way to go. With this in mind we went a searching for a journal that he could really get into writing in. And boy did we find an amazing journal. It is 100% recycled; but from what will blow your mind.
Have you guessed yet?.....It's made from elephant poop!
Too fun and definitely the selling point for a great (and sometimes potty oriented) little boy! I bought this little journal from the local craft shop but you can find them at I was surprised to find out how soft and lovely the pages inside really are. Definitely my kind of innovation!

It has decided to rain today. Nevermind that it is late June in California; rain it will.
 Lucky for me I love wet weather. It inspires feelings of cozy, cuddly, family time. It also brings out my inner kitchen goddess! So to bring on the summer warmth inside when its suddenly cold outside I and my sweetheart got to cooking.

We in this house have become absolutely addicted to the WHO Bread that SouleMama has on her site ( I modified it a little and put honey all over the top while it is rising. (You can see little puddles of honey in the corners of the pan) I love honey! As requested by SouleMama's kids, I do the mandatory owl whoot when I make this bread. It brings giggles from kids and big people alike. I absolutely love the acoustic version. There is a certain joy that comes from making food from scratch rather than going to the store for it. And it is so much yummier this way too!
Lucky us, a friend gave us lucious summer veggies from their families organic garden and this weather encouraged these veggies to become Yummy Summer Soup!

Dipping the WHO Bread in this soup is like heaven.
The sun should be back tomorrow and we are thrilled. But for today this is perfect!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

To New Beginnings

So here I am palms sweating like a teenager on a first date. I am so excited to be finally part of this world of blog and yet...the nerves are jumping indeed. I guess I will start with a hearty hey and welcome and thanks for visiting me here. I hope that you find something beautiful to take with you when you visist me. I am a woman of many talents and I plan on sharing many of them with you! I am soooo very excited! I will try to be consistent in when I blog or what I post but I am like a bumble bee flitting from flower to yummy flower when it comes to the activities that pique my interest and grab hold of my soul. Join me for the ride; I think you'll enjoy it. I leave you with an image from my day that brought me joy...
We were having frozen yogurt and I had strwberries on mine. I offered my 7 year old son the last two pieces and he got really excited. "Take a picture mom quick!" he tells me. He was thrilled that my berries had slid together at the bottom of the bowl to form a heart. The smallest things in life through a childs eyes become awesome!