Thursday, November 1, 2012

off to epicness

Today's the day!
I am super excited!
After much planning, and waiting, and nervous pacing, I am off for a week to complete my
Sacred Pregnancy Training!!!!!
Photo: Join us in VA for another offering of the Level 1 Sacred Pregnancy Instructor retreats...Email us for more information:
Off to the Ojai Foundation for some beautiful women connecting!
Photo: Jennifer, Kym, Kelli, Cindi, Maggie, Kristin, Paivi, Ivonne, Kerrin, Andrea, Ruth, Nancee, Melissa, Brooke, Sarah, Loren, Gabrielle, Sylvia, Tricia, Tree, Amy, Tnah Louise, Kathryn, Lindsey, Kristen, Nina, Crysta, Lisa, Christy, Gemma, Gena, Krista, Nina Lee, Heather, Niki, Mary, Lynn, + Amanda...

LOOK OUT OJAI...Here comes Sacred Pregnancy's first Instructors Training Retreat! We are gonna rock it! ONE SPOT LEFT because someone backed out...any takers?

This retreat is going to be 6 days of educating, thought sharing, and growth for myself and my birth work.
I can not wait to share this experience when I return!
Until then be well and have a beautiful week!

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