Thursday, November 8, 2012

what a trip

After being away from home and computer for 6 days,
I am ready to share the fantastical experience that was the first Sacred Pregnancy Retreat with you.
I have done many things in my life. 
I have become certified in many wonderful fields.
But never has my mind been so blown in only four days!

There is so much to speak about that it is hard to find a starting point.
I guess the best place to start would be with the ladies themselves.
40 beautiful, amazing, intelligent, and gifted women showed up expecting nothing and accepting all.
40 women with the desire to bring the conversation of birth back to a place of love.
40 women who believe that birth does not need to be feared.
40 women who hold the body, mind, and spirit of women to be Sacred and cherished.
These women came crashing together
to create what is the beginning of the change of birth in this world.
Each of us came to Sacred pregnancy with our skills to share.
Never knowing that we would be given so much.

It is not easy for me to explain the Sacred Pregnancy Retreat because, to me, it is so many different things.
On a technical level we had wonderful speakers and one very gifted musician.
We were honored with the sweet, strong, soulful, and fierce music of Nina Lee.
A woman by whose presence, voice, and songs, we were roused to fire,
quieted to stillness, and brought to tears.
Her creation of the Sacred Pregnancy song is,
in my opinion, a gift of self affirmation for women as they birth in all their power.
We heard the passionate words of Gena Kirby.
A woman who has changed how I look at the beautiful Mexican scarf/shawl called the Rebozo.
Because of her passion, intelligence, and fierce spirit, I can not see myself ever going to another birth without my trusty Rebozo close at hand.
We enjoyed the joyful spirit of Mary Oscategui.
A strong and gentle woman who guides parents through the birth preparation and sleep consultation among many other things) and who is the Founder, CEO, and  President of the International Maternity Institute.
We learned from the fantastic, intelligent, and funny Dr. Robert Biter.
A man who believes in the sacredness of birth so deeply that he has risked his career to make birthing a safe and Sacred experience for all women through his work with Midwives and through his birthing center(s); Babies by the Sea.
And we were all brought together by the dream birthed into reality of Anni Daulter.
A woman who can not be categorized beyond being called a true gift to the world.
She is blessed with so many unique gifts.
An author many times over, a loving mother, the creator of the organic baby food company Bohemian Baby, and now the creator of the Sacred Pregnancy Movement.
Because of Anni's dream to bring trust, intimacy, self love, beauty, and deep sacredness back into birth...
Because of her focus and dedication to changing the conversation and the language around birth...
Because of her shining heart, her keen mind, and he tireless work (day and night, sick or well), we now have in this world the Sacred Pregnancy Certification Retreats.

Following her heart and through her guidance,
we are creating a whole new style of Pregnancy and Birth Education.
Imagine the bliss of a meditation practice, the healing and growth of being with dear friends, and the helpful knowledge of a birth class wrapped up in beauty, sweet smells, and the gift of knowing you can do anything!
This, and so much more, is what the Sacred Pregnancy Instructor Retreats is training us
to bring to the world!
I now return home a Certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructor and I am setting up classes to start in January of 2013 in both Marin and Sonoma County.
Do not fret, though, if you can not make it to one of my classes because we have 39 beautiful and righteous women from Southern California to Finland just waiting to bring you into this
brilliant "whoa-mans"community!

Now prepared to take this to every woman that I meet, all I can say is thank you.
Thank you Anni Daulter, Christy Funk, Sylvia Poareo, and Krista Miracle for everything that you have taught us not just about mothers and birth but about our deepest selves.
Thank you to the Ojai Foundation for the use of the sacred and ancient land, so filled with beauty and strong energy, from which to do our work and Gay for all of the delicious, nutritious, and nourishing vegetarian food that she so lovingly catered to us lunch and dinner for our entire stay.
And finally thank you to all of the "Whoa-men", most especially the "Whomb Warriors". 
Ladies each and every one of you are a special gift to the world and I have the deepest gratitude that I can now call you all sister.
Cindy, Nina, Danielle, Lisa, Amy, Sylvia, Trisha, Maggie, Ivonne, Kim, Kelly, Kristen, Jennifer, Sara, Gabrielle, Kristen, Sara, Amanda, Crysta, Lindsey, Nina, Tnah, Andrea, Katherine, Lauren, Paivi, Melissa, "Tree",and Mary, my Sacred Pregnancy Elders sisters, I will carry you with me forever. 

All I can say is WOW what an experience!
I am ready for Level 2 training; I truly can't wait!

Any one who wants more information let me know. 
This is an experience, these are people,
and Sacred Pregnancy is a phenomenon that should be shared with everyone.

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