Monday, May 28, 2012

sounds of silence

Lately I have been dealing with a bout of imaginative silence.
My writing has been less, my crafting nearly nonexistent.
Sometimes, I am bursting with ideas; I can hardly contain all of them.
Then there are times like now where no amount of forcing seems to generate new thoughts.
This is not to say I am lacking in things to do or create.
I have a whole bunch of exciting projects that I am in the midst of.
There are books being written, articles to send in (I am a freelance writer), home grown summer camps to schedule, knitting clubs to populate, homeschool supplies to replenish, fabric to purchase, websites to finish...
It is all wonderful!
However, none of it is quite at the ready to be shared phase and it seems that I have reached my mental limit.
No new ideas until I put something down or finish it; I am at maximum capacity.
While I am in this moment of silence I will still be here to share with you.
I love this space I have created and I am working to make it beautiful for me and you.
I will still be writing and sharing just a little less while I clear my plate.
Believe me there is a lot of beauty on the horizon!


  1. you have described my life perfectly!

  2. :) Have fun while you concentrate on your projects! We will be awaiting patiently (but with trepidation) ;) Sending lots of love your way