Friday, May 25, 2012

eclipse vacation

 Enjoying a nap at the coffee shop
 Happened upon a local festival and couldn't resist the bubbles!
 My home brick oven inspiration!
 This pizzeria had wonderful pizza and a beautiful patio equipped with horseshoes,
 a raised sitting area, table tennis and beautiful grass to roam barefoot on; yum.

 Fun in the trunk.

 Beautiful mural in Trinity.
 Creek at the historic temple

A picture of the eclipse through glass place on the camera...such a wonderfully powerful experience.

That season that I love (at least one of them) is finally upon us. Time to go camping!!!
Time to leave the home behind for wide open spaces and beautiful sights to see.
Three lovely days spent playing in the trees, finding little creeks and rivers to wade in, learning why we shouldn't run down slopes, and eating beneath the stars and a canopy of trees. 
Wandering through the tiny town of Hayfork with it's sweet little pizza place...I wish I could have transported that little restaurant home with us. 
Enjoying the town of Trinity with it's beautiful main street, sweet people, and lovely historic meditation temple.
It was such a gift to soak my feet in the creek moving by this temple while sitting quietly in the grass and absorbing all of the calm and meditative energy  that we were surrounded by.
We were so lucky to have been able to view the annular eclipse from the Trinity- Shasta National Forest while sitting at the edge of a glorious lake.
I must say we lead a bliss filled and lovely life.

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