Wednesday, May 23, 2012

50 Days of Gratitude - Day #26

30 Day Photo Challenge...Books

Today will be my last day doing the 50 days of gratitude posts. It is not that I am deciding that I am not filled with Gratitude or that I don't believe that I should continue sharing my gratitude with others. It is quite on the contrary. I I have so much to be grateful for; the challenges and the triumphs, the growth and the renewal, that I feel that I should simply dedicate one day a week to sharing gratitude rather than to try and cram it all into 50 wonderful (and sometimes under or overwhelming) posts. So with that said, today my gratitude goes to books. Books have been one of my greatest sources of joy since I could read (which I have been doing since I was nearly 4 years old maybe earlier must ask my mom one day). They let me create and recreate and build and deconstruct and build again myself my world my perceptions of the world around me. I take great joy in the smell of an old book, cracking the spine on a new book (especially when I am the first to grab hold of a new book at the library oh what a satisfying sensation), sharing the wonders of cookbooks with friends and family and the bounty of information that floods my senses every time I open the cover of any book. I love reading to my little ones and watching their eyes glow with excitement whenever I ask to read to them. It makes for many late bedtimes when we get so into reading that 1 book turns to 5 and bedtime gets pushed back by an hour or more. But who can deny the love for a book from a child? It is hardest to force lights out for my oldest as he curls around his books, beneath blankets on his bed, at 10pm eyes sore head aching but refusing to put the book down because he wants to know how it ends! Such an exciting thing to witness for me as his mama! He even finished the first 4 Harry Potter books within a month...voracious! Books create and allow me to create in ways I could never have imagined. They inspire me to be the amazing me I want to be daily. I am even trying my hand at writing and I am in the midst of working on 7 (yup 7...never do I like to do anything on the small side, heehee) books of my own. I am excited, humbled, intimidated, and filled with joy and moments of genius when it comes to writing these books and one day soon I will share them with you. Until then, books in all of their glory!

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