Monday, April 2, 2012

50 Days Of Gratitude- Day #5

Fools Like Me
 monster kitty...
 ...and the bunny nebulae

 wait for it...

 Fools we know...

 these pups melt the heart

 best chicken puppet ever

 the most amazing animated puppet I have ever been near! it has intricately moving wings, a mouth that opens and closes, blinking eyes, limbs that move independently, and it is all man powered! super neatness!
 Fools we love...

Welcome April with your joyful spirit and warm weather. 
Welcome April with your laughter and trees to climb.
Welcome April with your fools running gleefully amongst eachother!
Happy April 1st!
Happy Fools Days and Fools Parade to all of my Occidental/ Sebastopol loves!

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