Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting Sew Excited

To make, to make, oh what to make for this craft happy time of year! I have gifts galore on my to do list but they are secrets. A few ideas can be shared however...wanna know what i'm doing? I'm preparing to begin a crafters workshop for clothing that I have designed for you all to enjoy as much as I enjoy them. I'm preparing to open an etsy for my sellables; and let's just say I have developed a new found love for bustles and pin stripes! I am finishing up the first commissioned sweater I have done in years. It is exciting to be making things for people beyond my loved ones. It presents a set of challenges that keep me making and motivated. And I am of course making gifts for the holiday! Yay!
How are you crafting your holiday?

Here is a tiny peek into my works in progress...

Happy Creating!

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