Tuesday, November 13, 2012

yummy fall and w.i.p's

This beautiful season of golds and reds and yellows bursting brightly from around every bend always makes me want to stop throw my arms up in the air and spin around in circles grinning madly!
I can't help it, it's Fall!
It just gets under my skin and rattles my leaves like a brisk breeze through a tiny tree.
I dream of this time of year as the other seasons meander by.

Summer is a buddy definitely; all warm and cuddly.
The freedom to roam that is Summer gets under my wings and I fly; but soon roaming becomes dull and I seek the comfort of my cozy home.

Spring is glorious with her brand new babes taking first breaths.
Flowers and fruit and all things living seem to puff up in the super glowing attentions of 
springtime kisses.
Plump is the word for Spring; plump fruit, plump babies.
Everything seems so shiny!
But the newness begins to quickly fade and the springtime high only last but so long.
And our dear friend Winter.

The renewer and bringer of much needed rest.
Yes winter and I have had our love affairs of snow ball fights and hot cocoa by the fire.
Winter is the place I eat cookies til I pass out and come back for more.
No shame lots of love that is my winter friend.

But no matter how much I love these other seasons, again and again I return to Fall.
Fall is the love child of Spring and Winters wild love affair!
It is the warm coat I gently caress in the warm months like and old flame.
It brings introspection with a child's style of delight.
Both daring you to explore and folding you in safety; fall is the Gemini of the seasonal family.
It is books read til the pages begin to fall out and hundreds of soup recipes to experiment with.
It is nuzzling red cheeks and noses of friends new and old in the ancient dance of warmth and affection.
It is the surprise balmy day that takes you to the lake or the beach for one more hurrah before winter sets in.
And it is the early snow that has you diving for your gear and heading for the slopes
before the ground can even turn white.
Fall you are perfection!

And as always, with Fall pressing sweet rays of sunshine on my chilly window panes, I turn my eyes towards projects left to be dealt with later. Sewing and writing and building and cleaning waiting with baited breath for me to pick the winner of my attentions for the day. All of them equally important and all of them making my fingers itch with anticipation!

What to choose, what to choose what to choose?!

Maybe today will be for cutting out patterns and sewing up merchandise for my Etsy store;
Mindful Explosion. Can share my goodies with the world from an empty shop.

Maybe today will be for finishing the rag rug for the kids reading space or getting clothes sewn for the kids; there were some mighty growth spurts this Summer!

A giant piece of me wishes it was the day to finish the chicken coop! Our girls are getting restless and so am I. But this is a multiple person project and I am but one mama (*sigh*).

Do I hear the gentle calling of books being written? Words spilling from my pen and onto pages once starkly blank. Such a satisfying sensation. It's like birth; sometimes rough, sometimes intimidating, sometimes exhilarating, and always at the end something amazing and beautiful to show for your hard work. But which book to choose? Which one calls loudest?

Oh well, maybe today is just the perfect fort of day to be a cozy cuddly mama. To embrace my little ones and take long strolls looking for gnomes under rocks and seeing dragons in the sky. From the rambunctious (and minorly deconstrucionist) sounds coming from my living room, I think I know what the choice will be.

Enjoy these yummy Fall days and all the folks you get to embrace within them!
What are you up to on this wonderful morning?
Give me a shout; I love to hear from you!

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