Thursday, September 6, 2012

that fall feeling

Fall is in the air, in the changing of the leaves, in the breeze brushing by my sun drenched shoulders bringing on a small shiver. And I in all of my Fall loving frenzy could not help but to make a pumpkin pie to celebrate the shift. I know my excitement is a bit early.And no the pumpkin did not come from the garden (organic canned). But it was the right yumminess that we needed to cozy up with yesterday. With my yummy cinnamon and nutmeg whipped cream on top I must say it was a tiny bit of heaven!

And to add a bit of seasonal frenzie to the day the weather report said we would have some thunderstorms. So out we went, after our pie, to wrangle in all of the chickens, put away toys and bikes, and cover up building projects not yet finished (the coop but that's for another day!). And in the midst of our flurry I lost the key to our storage shed...oh mom you fuzzy minded girl! But the mad dash of it all was a sort of game and we all were deeply amused searching for moms lost key; which we never did find. So with chickens and children all snugly set to their happy areas we waited for the storm. And don't you know after all of that nothing happened. No rain, no booms, no lightening to ooh and ahh over.
But even though we got no rain and no grand storm we did get the gift of an amazing night sky. Pink as a rose petal in some places, orange as the summer sun in others. The purple around the edges made me feel like we had fallen into a painting. And the awesome to top the amazingly large rainbow!

This day was definitely a good one! And so onto new projects; blankets to be made, costumes to be created, baby clothes to be knit! Oh I love this time of year!

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  1. You totally just put me in the mood for Fall.