Wednesday, September 5, 2012

mission birth

So today I am deviating slightly from what I normally write about. As, some of you may know, we are in the process of expanding our family...yay!!!!! In our quest for a midwife, we have come to realize that the hopes of a homebirth can be extremely expensive, and for some of us even financially unattainable. As birh and the work surrounding it is one of my great passions, I felt that something needed to be done to take some (if not all) of the strain off of families trying to birth in their it is right for them. In my quest, I found sites, no funding, nothing to help families looking to birth at home. So I feel it is one of my missions to create just such a venue! After many nights trying to figure out how to start, what to say, I came up with Project Access Homebirth. Please go check out the blog at
Share the link with your friends! Let's make this flow into hearts world wide!

To all my friends and family out there, I am on a mission. A mission of love, charity, and birth. It is my goal to create a non profit donation site for women- like myself - who wish to have a homebirth but do not have all of the financial resources necessary to make this dream a reality. I believe that every woman has the right to birth in the way she believes is best for herself and her baby. For some women, this means preparing for a hospital birth where all of the details are dealt with and mom can rely on the staff to make things happen. For other women, this means birthing in the comfort of home surrounded by loving friends, family, or simply her partner. It might even mean birthing with no one but the midwife beneath the tree with a cool breeze as the only witness. I feel that no matter what the choice of birthing venue is, every mother has the right to birth in her own way. 

With insurance being how it is in this day and age, though, many mothers are forced to accept hospital birth as their only option. Even if a birth center is available, the insurance may not be a match. Seeing as the government will not be making the decision to put midwives on the payroll anytime soon, I believe it is up to each of us as individuals and as a community at large to take our mothers under our wings. Yes some families can afford to birth with a midwife and it does not affect them financially. This is wonderful! However, there are many, many more families who work hard and while they can afford the day to day life stuffs, the cost of a homebirth is simply more than they can generate. Through Project Access Homebirth, I am working to bring the ability to pay for a midwife to all women.

Through the generous donations made by those of us in the community who can afford to give, the gift of a sacred birth experience will be given to women who truly desire it. It does not take a huge donation to make this happen. Even $5.00 can make a difference. Think about it; if 100 peole donate $10.00 each that is $1000.00 in donations. What is $10.00 really? Two organic smoothies or maybe two gallons of gas? Do you believe that helping a mother (and family) have the birth of their dreams is worth blending smoothies at home for two days or riding your bike to the park instead of driving the car just once? I do! And I know that many of you out their believe this as well. For those of you out there who can give more, 10 people who donate $100.00 can generate that $1000.00 with lightening speed. It is within our power to take care of each other. 

While I am one of those mothers who is in need of a bit of a financial boost to make my dream of homebirth into reality, I did not start this fund for myself alone. This is simply a small part of a much larger dream for me in bringing loving life support to each and everyone of us in the community who might need it at one point or another. But for now, I ask you all to look into your heart and find the ability to donate to Project Access Homebirth. Together, we can work Miracles!!!

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