Wednesday, July 25, 2012

this growing flock

I am so proud of our little flock of chickens. They are some of the sweetest little birds and they are cute to boot. They have reached pullet age and it is now time for me to start thinking about putting them into the coop permanently. Up until now they have been in their little cage, living in our bathroom at night and hanging out on the porch during the day, but they are definitely outgrowing this space and it is time to move forward. I just did not realize how hard it would be for me. I am fussing and fluttering like a mother hen. Worrying about our little birds; will they be warm, will the locks hold fast against predators, will the hawk try to eat them if they are free roaming the yard?
The two Bard Rocks, Spot and Bohem, and the cheeky and bossy Black Sexlink Clucks-a-lot

The girls cuddling and being curious about the edge of the porch

So to prepare myself and our flock, and to assuage some of my fears, yesterday, I left the birdy babes to their own devices on the porch. They had food and water and some yummy table scraps to encourage them to poke about and get to scratching and exploring. They seemed to really enjoy spreading their wings and seemed fascinated with all aspects of the porch. They, much like me, will need some time to get used to this new step; none of them even attempted to leave the porch even though they were not caged or penned in any way. And when one or two happened to become adventurous and fall off of the porch, they yarped for rescue until I wrangled them onto the porch with their siblings again.
Our two lovely Ameracaunas, Speckle and Paisley

Red and Clucks-a-lot sampling the bush from the safety of the porch

Next step, to the old coop across the property until the new coop has been built. I am too excited for this building project and to create this new little home closer to us for our little feathered family members.

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