Wednesday, July 18, 2012

in writing...

So I have had the blessing to be featured, rather nicely I might add, in another publication recently. I was featured in the {Root + Stem} section of the Bamboo Family Magazine for making practice poi for a fun outdoor activity for both kids and parents. I am so proud of this article. The pictures came out lovely and I love how it feels to look up and see that this article, this little piece belongs to me, came from my heart and is being shared with the world! It is such a glorious warm and happy sensation. 

I am even more excited about this particular article because it showcases one of the projects from my upcoming book "Front Porch Summer Camp"; a book that has been in the works for the better part of a year now. As I get deeper into writing this book, looking into different publishers, and steadily moving toward realizing one of my many fanciful dreams, I can't help but feel huge gratitude and joy and love for everything and everyone that have helped me move forward through hard days and great ones! I hope you enjoy this article. Get outside and groove with some poi. They bring joy where you spin!

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