Monday, July 16, 2012

at last...

I am super thrilled, elated, excited. After years of wanting, and searching and trying to learn I have finally figured out knitting!!! In 20 minutes I learned to cast on, knit on (which I prefer), knit, and purl!!! I am so proud of this accomplishment. And look at what I got done while sitting for half an hour last night  
It might not be the most advanced or the loveliest thing but to me it is absolutely beautiful! Not bad for a newbie. And now that I have figured this out the sky is the limit for patterns and crafts! I have wanted to knit since I picked up my crochet hooks at 15 years old. Crocheting will always be a love of mine but there is something about the lacy delicate beauty of the knit patterns that is so enticing. And the crafts that you can do when you can knit are so much more exciting. I can barely contain my enthusiasm. There are sweaters to start, socks to create, and some extra little surprises for someone very special in my life who will be having a baby soon! Oh the ideas are just bubbling. And you never know. Next will be spinning and maybe even my own sheep or two. Even if I don't get the sheep yet I live in farm country; where the different kinds of fibers from all of the glorious alpacas, sheep, goats, and rabbits makes my fingers twitch with anticipation! Oh happy days. For now it is time to finish off the scrap yarn in my bag...waste nothing you know. Oh the joy of small successes!

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  1. coming over from rhythm of the home and yay! congratulations! your knitting looks great and i do hope you find joy in it :)