Sunday, June 10, 2012

his 8th year

Wednesday was a turning point in my home. My son turned 8! His requests were simple and few; a cake (surprise him), 3 simple gifts, and a BBQ with family and a few friends. As I move with him into his eighth year I can not help but be fascinated with this budding young man. He is a delicate and sensitive lad, always willing to sacrifice for the greater good. He is a beautiful musician, scholarly in a youthful way, creative and quirky! He is quick to point out injustice but willing to discuss (in depth) ways to find solutions. His mind moves at the speed of light and the thoughts he has blow my mind. What his future holds I can not even begin to imagine but I know it will be awesome! These eight years have been such a beautiful journey getting to know and reknow this beautiful boy I am blessed to call my son. 

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