Tuesday, June 5, 2012

hey there how are you...

Life is grand and I am always amazed at how many new and exciting projects or experiences I can take on and still not cry for mercy. I have been away for a few days collecting my thoughts, getting last minute items for projects, mulling over new ideas for articles and the blogs appearance, and designs I wish to start sharing...on and on it flows! This week has been a busy little bee with birthday parties attended and sweat lodges and preparing for the first day of my newest project "Front Porch Summer Camp"! This is the start of one of many books I am working on. It is a book aimed at building creativity and community and encouraging time spent as family instead of shuttling children off to summer camps all summer long. Our first meeting is this Thursday and I could not be more nervous and ecstatic! The first project will be featured in Bamboo Family Magazines Summer issue and I couldn't be more blissed out! I want this to be a success and I know it will be! I apologize for the distinct lack of pictures...my camera is slowly but surely dying. It has been dropped in the sand and wont zoom or load properly anymore and I can no longer remove the smear from the tiny lense. I am hoping to get a new camera very soon so that I can continue to share all of the beautiful things I get to see in my day to day life! Below are a few things to look forward to soon!
There is much to look forward to in the days to come...
~redecorating the living room~
~new sewing projects~
~new recipes~
~a new articles for Sacred Pregnancy~
~a first article for Bamboo Family Magazine~

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