Thursday, May 3, 2012

50 Days Of Gratitude - Day #19

plant moving day 

Moving day, moving day for our little seedlings fast becoming big beautiful plants.
As we planted these little guys, we were not sure how many, if any, would take and sprout.
To our surprise, they all took with a vengeance, and now they have outgrown their homes.
Feeling excited and a little worried...will they all survive?
My oldest is my best helper for this sort of work.
Always eager to do more, always willing to clean up the mess!
I am such a lucky mom to have such an awesome guy in my life!
Waiting until the morning to make sure no one succumbed to shock.
Ooooooh the anticipation is delicious.
And what do you know! 
They all look as though they could not have been moved at a better time.
Next step, the garden but that is another move for another day.

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