Tuesday, May 1, 2012

50 Days Of Gratitude - Day #18

hoop happy and a surprise

our house guest

We have the loveliest friends and they have some of the sweetest, kindest and most generous children I know. While we were visiting our newest friends to celebrate the 5th birthday of their little boy, we were given our very own gift. Their daughter, a talented and precious 9, gave us one of her handmade hoola hoops! It is one of the nicest gifts I have received and we made sure to put it to immediate use. We are such a lucky bunch to be surrounded by so many great people. Oh the joy of waking up and having a hooping party. We spent the better part of our morning on the porch enjoying the sun and trying new stunts with our hoop. The boys had some pretty fancy moves! We even got a sweet surprise as we were hooping our hearts out...we have a little birds nest above the lamp on our porch!!!!! Love and life blooming everywhere!

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  1. What a fun surprise to see every morning when you look above your door! Those hula hoops look amazing too, props to your friend!