Tuesday, April 10, 2012

50 Days Of Gratitude - Day #9

Self Soothing

The ability to bring oneself comfort and healing in the midst of turmoil or upset. We watch as our little ones do this through thumb sucking, blanket cuddling, and talking to their stuffed toy friends. This amazing tool of judgement free self relief is so readily available to the wee ones in our lives and it is just as available to us big folk if we allow ourselves the permission to use the same tools as our children use. Go ahead and cuddle a blanket in a fierce bear hug when you need a pick me up (pillows work great too). Allow yourself to talk out your frustrations to an empty room or a stack of borrowed teddy bears; let yourself feel silly, that is part of the soothing magic...smiles and laughter! If  you need to make some noise- if there is a yell boiling up in your belly -roar like a lion or growl like a bear. If your energy is trying to escape physically lay down on the floor and have a quick floor thumping- kinda like a tantrum without the screaming and tears. Roll around, shake your head, bang your fist, stamp your feet and wriggle your torso until you feel better. It doesn't matter how you go about as long as the result is a non violent freeing of your happy energies. Momma's and Poppa's soothe thyself!

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