Thursday, January 12, 2012

best laid plans

As I sat at the end of the day yesterday, I took note of the fact that not one thing I had set forth to do that day had been accomplished. No sewing was touched; in fact my projects in process pile has gotten as tall as my four year old. No dishes were washed nor any laundry cleaned folded or put away. And the yard work was woefully neglected. Yesterday morning my well shut down and halted all other projects until we could figure out what happened. Turns out two pumps were down and we had a leak in the line. Since we had to wait for the problem to be fixed and wanted the children out of the way of the person fixing the problem we went miniature golfing! And yup I forgot my camera...oops! So now that this is fixed today I set before myself the same challenge as yesterday. I am sure that most of my things will get done this time but if not well there's always tomorrow!
 My tragically neglected work area :)

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