Monday, December 12, 2011

simplicity christmas

 Kissing the snowman Grandma Rose made before he was born

Loki likes to keep the decorating simple and I think it looks lovely! The stockings were also Handcrafted by Grandma Rose (my lovely momma!)

There is so much going on in the world during the holiday's. It seems that people are moving at 10 times there natural speed frantically trying to get everything together for that one special day. In all the mayhem that comes along with this holiday I can't help but ask myself, what would happen if suddenly Christmas was part of the slow movement. Would places like Toy's R Us close down while Waldorf and Handcraft suppliers flourished. Would children ask for things that really meant something special to the instead of asking for every last thing they have seen on the television or all of the toys that their friends have that they do not. If the clock on Christmas was turned back to it's earliest pages before big box stores and the "plastic hell" of toys what would we be doing with ourselves?
From this Christmas forward this is the question I will be trying to answer. My children are simple in their requests and have a huge sense of gratitude for gifts given them. This makes simplifying Christmas an easier task for me than others. I believe that Christmas needs to be taken back to it's roots. To when people were glad to receive a beautifully sewn dress from their aunt. A time when Grandma made a funky knit vest every year and you wore it because you  liked it (regardless of it's cool factor). I want to show my children the beauty of a Season that has become all glitz and no substance. Christmas is the domain of the heart and the imagination.
There is much fun to be had when you take the commercialization out of Christmas. Here are some fun ideas...
You can make signs from reclaimed wood and use scrap twigs to make a mock runway for Santa to land his sleigh on.
You can craft little miniature elves from clothespins and felt.
Cotton balls become small scale Winter Wonderland Scenes.
Cinnamon sticks can be crafted into many varieties of beautifully scented ornaments.
And the options for baking are endless and fantastically delicious!
This is how I plan on celebrating it with my loved ones from now on!
How do you plan on simplifying this Christmas? Share a link to your craft and gift ideas in the comments. We love to hear from all of you!


  1. " Christmas is the domain of the heart and the imagination."
    How beautiful, Ruth!
    You inspire me to choose simplicity, which I am really not very good at.
    Big, big hugs to you, dear sister! I hold you in my heart this Christmas and I send much love.

  2. Yay for taking back Christmas! You rock :)