Monday, December 12, 2011

Sense of Self

I watch my kids growing as though in a wonderful dream. Each passing moment is an experience to be cherished and remembered, even the not so great ones. There are many things that I wish to instill in my children for them to carry with them into their adult life. Of these strengths or traits that I hope they hold onto, one of the most important to me if a strong and healthy sense of self. I want my children to know who they are. To not allow others to dictate to them the kind of person they should be. I want them to embrace a life of meaning, mindfulness, and great joy and I believe that you can only do this with a true sense of self. I aim to live this in my life. I show my children that while it is great to seek information or help with problems in the world beyond yourself, the only way they can find what is right for them is to look within for the answers they seek. I try to show them that no odds are to stacked against them for them to triumph if they really want to. And I try to show them that there is great success and happiness to be found living beyond the road most traveled. I need them to know that while growth is necessary in life that they should always know that they were born perfect and are perfect within themselves even on their roughest days. This and more may I gift my little ones with from the deepest places of my heart.

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