Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some Patchwork a Pillowcase and a Pack

I love patchwork. It has always been a sign to me of someones hard work and patience. A sign that someone took the time to make something intricate; sometimes basic, sometimes elaborate, always lovely. When my son was 5, I started a sack for him; a hand sewn patchwork rainbow that I knew he would love. But as sometimes happens, life became crazy and I lost track of this sweet little crafting project. I found it when he was 6 and swore it would be finished but again it got lost (this time to moving and packing) before I could be done with its creation. Now, though, there is much peace in my world and I have found this sweet little project, a gift of the heart intended for so long ago (ok 2 years but in kid time that's forever!). And so to finish this project today is my task. And it is one I truly look forward to doing.
 The shell of the these rainbow colors!
 The flap of the bag.
 The pillowcase that will soon be the lining of the bag.

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