Saturday, October 29, 2011

pumpkin pickin'

(this little guy wanted to share in the abundance of the season)
(the look of group contemplation)

(hunting for perfection)

(guarding his pumpkins with serious determination)

(decidedly over is time to relax)
(like an Aztec tower made of hay)

I love the hunt for the pumpkin. Searching the patch for the perfect orange beauty! It brings the thrill of the hunt into my heart! We all ventured out to the Andersen/Canvas Ranch Vegetable Stand & Pumpkin Patch
where we enjoyed the many varieties of squash and the lovely ladies who were super helpful. The big kids and dad attempted to do the corn maze; and were even successful after three of four times of ending up back at the entrance. It was such a wonderful little jaunt with the family. The weather was perfect and for a moment in time all of the kids were in excellent spirits (not too bad I like to think!). Sometimes I wish it could be Fall all of the time. Hope this season brings you as much joy as it does me and my family.

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