Sunday, October 30, 2011

Catwalk, Carving, Cutting, Carnival

(welcome to the Catwalk) 
 (ninja baby)

 (my front yard is a jungle)

 (yumminess to come from this)
 (oh cardboard box...friend to so many little ones)

 (arrrgh it's a mowhawk!)
 (cutest hand me down...funnier because we don't eat those things!)

 (wonderful drumming group)

 (star pose)

Yesterday was a day for doing and it was mighty fun! We started off the day with the costume catwalk as my older two showed off their gear for Halloween. They looked marvelous. This year, instead of making costumes, the kids went for thrift and hand me downs. I think that the result was just as cute! Since we have been so busy recently, we have been slow on our holidaying; so pumpkins got carved a little late in the season but that's okay. What matters is the joy of doing the activity not the timing. Dad decided it was time to change his look so we chopped his hair into a very Halloweeny mohawk. Looks good! After all of this hard work, we decided to relax by going to the fundraising carnival at one of the local schools. It was super cute and fun and the kids could purchase books with their game tickets which was an awesome concept to me. All in all, it was a fantastic day!

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