Thursday, August 18, 2011

My World::In Flux

I have been away for a while. Life has been swirling with changes in a wonderful way. I had to unplug for a few days...technical difficulties. But being unplugged felt good so I took some "quiet" reflection time. You see, after only 10 months at our present address, we are soon to be moving. Don't worry this is a great turn of events. In all of the constant movement of packing and organizing and keeping restless little ones happy I have come to realize two things. One is that I haven't folded or put away laundry in days. I can live with this; honestly I have no dressers (they're at the new house already) so I have no choice. Two is that since I sent my boxspring ahead to the new place and put my bed on the floor I have found that I like having my mattress on the floor.
It used to be on the floor when my oldest was a little one. Sometime between then and now it came off of the floor. Moving has returned it to its origins and in this return to the floor my 1 year old has found new happiness. It gives him the sudden and instant freedom to get on the bed when he wants to not when we want him to. It is like a large soft jungle gym where his climbing skills are growing by the second. I think that when we move the beds to the new house mine will remain on the floor. It's a super easy way to bring joy and independence to the littlest one in our family. And since his joy brings me joy it is the least I can do.

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