Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All Together

 This beautiful rock writing caught my sons eye immediately. He was so excited to see his middle name out in nature like this (we found these rocks arranged like this in the creek at the festival) that we just had to get Gaia in front of Gaia on top of Gaia in a picture!
 Banana check, cereal check, primal yell when mom tries to help me eat during a camping trip check!
 My men love to drum. These drums were so lovingly left available for all to share in Kidlandia (isn't that a great name for the kids safe zone) and my guys couldn't help but have a jam session.
These two were super sweet and their product was so original I had to tell you all about it. They are the creators of Duende Hats; which means gnome or elf. These are hats made from 100% organic palm fiber and natural dyes that feel lighter than air and look amazing. They bring out the inner woodland creature in who ever wears them. You can find them at
This gorgeous pixie of a woman reminded me so much of my girlfriend Kelsey that I had to include her. Doesn't she just make you want to hug her!
They were awesome and held it down for the whole night. I went back to camp with the baby half way through the set. My 7 year old and his papa stayed until their set was done; sometime around midnite. I tried to convince my son to come with me but he just kept saying, "Mom, I can't miss the music!"
 The kids parade was a fantastical event with all of the children marching with handmade signs and puppets that they had crafted, drumming, hoola hooping, and the grownups rocking out with them. Such a beautiful moment in time.
Too cute for words!
Can you guess what his name is?! The other side says Gaia becasuse he was so proud to share a name with the festival that he wanted  everyone to know!
Beautiful Belles, Bellies, and Babies!
These gals were awesome keeping the beat with the kids as they marched by!
We had such a beautiful and unifying weekend at The Gaia Festival ( it was hard to leave. To all of you we met thank you for the love and connections shared. For those of you we didn't meet, there's always next year. Be loved!


  1. Yay! So glad you had a great time, and also so glad you are back and posting ;) Missed you this week-end :)

  2. she is great love her... looked like love<3 kel