Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Foray Into Patterns

I am proud to say that stitch by stitch the little overalls that could are coming into being. As I said I never learned how to read a crochet/knitting pattern so recently I have begun learning. My first project was to create a pair of overalls and felt them for my littlest one. Several starts and stops and a mighty search for an overalls pattern later I have learned some things. One, you can not felt yarn that comes from plant fiber; so my yummy bamboo yarn is out of this project. Two, it is harder than it seems to find a good crochet pattern book for childrens items. And three, if you want a pattern done create it yourself...and so that my dears is what I have done. It seems funny that I have finally learned to read patterns and yet I still will be going off of my own imagination! Yay for me!!!
For this  project I am using 100% Peruvian highland wool from Cascade Yarns purchased from Laura at http://www.yarnitudes.com/. Honestly this is one of the sweetest little yarn shops I have ventured into. I'm "hooked" on them! As my home has been super busy these days these little cozy overalls may not be done for a few days more. However, when they are you will know about it!!! Happy Tuesday!

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