Saturday, July 23, 2011

Birthdays, Birthdays, and More Birthdays!

So June and July are very, very exciting and busy months for our home. Not only are we blessed enough to have three beautiful children, but we get to enjoy three wonderful Summertime birthdays! My sweet big boy, Loki, just had his 7th birthday and goodness how time flies. I feel like he should still be nestled against my breast nursing like a hungry little baby bear. Such a beautiful baby with rosy cheeks and a full head of stick straight black hair; he was almost like a doll.
A preciousness beyond words...and as he grows he just gets sweeter and cuter and oh so huggable.

Now at seven I am just so proud to have him in my life, to be able to call him mine, to be able to witness this amazing little person blossom and grow into the person he is meant to be.

So for his birthday Loki requested homemade pizzas and a New York Style Cheescake made from scratch with fresh berries on top. No sweat right?...Let's say that it was definitely a worthy challenge but he is worth every second spent in the kitchen. While the pizzas were good I think I was supremely proud of the Cheesecake that his "papa" made. He used the NY Style Cheesecake recipe from  "New York Cheesecake III by: Sandy which can be found at the following link- -and we modified it to be gluten free using OrGran all purpose plain flour

When it had cooled I covered it in yummy fresh organic blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries. It was a sight to behold... and it tasted fantastic. It is officially on our love it recipe list.

The party was great and Loki was thrilled with everything. My sweet step daughter had her 4th birthday on the 29th and it is so exciting to watch her grow and change!
She is a love to have in my life.
The last birthday of the group is our newest addition; sweet itty bitty Bodhi.

He is my bright little light and I am both sad and excited to have him turning one already. Luckily he is still my cuddle buddy; though now that he is mobile his hugs are on the run. So many wonderful celebrations to have. I am just such a lucky gal!

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  1. Is now the time to request birthday cake for when I get back? That cheesecake looks amazingly good!