Thursday, June 30, 2011


Yummy sun I have missed you! Time to run outside and do alot of playing. So we were supposed to get thunderstorms (I was almost hoping for this because I love to watch the lightning) but just light rain this time. Since it got sunny out we decided to escape the house and take care of some much needed business...going to the park!
 Sharing a ride and a hug. My kids are such loveys! I could just eat them up!
 He is just getting the hang of playing at the park and its exciting to watch him chase them around. There are endless giggles when he tries to give chase. Uhoh that sister seems to be escaping!
My little big man. It's so hard not to grab him up and squish him when all he wants is to be a big boy and wander around with no help from mama! So big so fast...mamas munchkin monster! Oh yeah did I mention this little man had just gotten a finger prick and two shots? This is how he looked right after...
Not even a little phased. I don't even look this good after shots. Couldn't you just eat this face!

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