Saturday, August 11, 2012

these days of change

As I sit here and wonder where to start, words move slowly to me.
There is great stage of transition going on and I hope you will hang in there.
At a glance I am...
Adding a new addition to the family...yup number 5 is on the way!
Recreating my blog and content
Assembling to become certified as a birth educator!!!!! A soon to be Sacred Pregnancy Group Leader!
Homeschooling, learning, growing
Working at writing a book that I hope you all will love!
Redecorating the house
Building a chicken coop/ aviary for our 7 lovely ladies
Getting the garden ready for Fall goodness
And finally writing for Sacred Pregnancy online and soon Print!

While I figure out how to get all of this into a smooth rhythm I will be here in fits and starts
But I WILL be here
Because this space is special to me
It brings me closer to the greater world beyond my reach and lets new friends in
It is a gift to me and I hope it is a gift to you
So while I adjust this world of mine I just want to say thanks for understanding

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