Monday, May 7, 2012

50 Days Of Gratitude -Day #20 ~ what a day/ night

What can I say about this weekend that would sum it up to perfection? 
It was amazing and beautiful, filled with joy and laughter and family and friends.
It was exciting and calming and fed out tummies and our souls!
It was too windy to have sandcastles but oh the kites that showed up.
There were floating pirate ships and giant stingrays. 
And a spinning tube so large that you could have fit 30 people in it easily.
The weather was beautiful and we even ran into friends.
What a glorious way to spend the day...

As beautiful as our day was our night was equally amazing.
We had a Super Moon Barbecue Potluck and Bonfire at our house.
Smores and kids running through the dark and dry leaves thrown into the fire pit to make fairy sparks.
Delicious food, fantastic friends, and late late bedtimes.
A teepee (made by mom), a tent for dad, and chatting until 2am.
Oh what a wonderful night...

 sneaking salsa

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