Thursday, April 26, 2012

50 Days Of Gratitude - Day #16

from recycling... 

This year we started our seeds late but start them we did. As it is our mission to reuse everything that comes into our home before we try to recycle it or throw it away we felt that our seedling pots should be made from something in our recycling collection. At first we thought we should use egg cartons because they do make such perfect little holders for seeds and soil. We realized, though, that we wanted each seedling to be able to stand alone and be planted where it seemed to fit perfect in the yard. So we decided that the toilet paper cardboard rolls would be perfect. These are really very simple to do. Fold the bottoms, fill with soil, add seeds, a little more soil, add some water and, Voila! You have your individual seedling homes that can go directly in the ground when they are ready to be planted. Don't forget to write the names of the seeds on to their little containers unless you wish for a surprise garden. To keep your littlest busy, give them their own little container of soil, a spoon or tiny spade, a container to fill, and a place to sit. Hooray for recycling and the beauty and yummy goodness that will grow from it!

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  1. I love how focused both of the boys are doing this... so fun!