Tuesday, March 6, 2012

porch pool picnic

There are those times in life where everything lines up perfectly. Where the weather, the food, the people, the fun are all just perfect! The moments when I sit back with a happy sigh, a full belly, and a sweet smile while I gaze at the wonder of my little ones and revel in the fact that yes this is my life! With temperatures bouncing gleefully into the mid 70's, and the sun playing peekaboo with us through the big old man oak tree in our front yard, nothing seemed more right than a porch picnic pool party (say that as fast as you can...it's fun!). I forget, in the rush and mad dash of everyday life, how necessary it is to just be sometimes. To simply sit and snack as I watch my boys be boisterous, loud, silly, fantastic little boys and do nothing more than this until bed time rolls around. I am soothed by times like these. 
This is time well spent. 

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