Sunday, February 26, 2012

love in black and white

I am absolutely in love with black and white photography. I am also in love with film photography. It has been a slow journey for me into the world of digital pics; but now that I am here in full swing, I am in love. There is the whole planet loving aspect of not having film, but mostly it is the instantly gratifying experience of seeing the picture I just took shining beautifully before my eyes! As I grow with my photography skills, I will invest in a more awesome camera (wishlist for the bday maybe...hmmmm) and then the sky's the limit! As I am only just recently getting to know our digital camera personally, I failed to realize that it can do sepia and black and white. Score!!!!! I was giddy to see my gorgeous boys in black and white glory. After being sick for nearly 7 days, running around in the yard taking pictures and playing with the boys seemed the perfect way to spend the day.

 My young photographer has a really great eye...he took the next three photos!

 Our plum tree in full blossom...oh yummy anticipation!


  1. I love Loki's photography! So very very much... you guys are lucky with spring starting up... we are still a bit far from it, but weather is warming up considerably.
    Sending you love~

    1. Marie, Loki is flattered and thanks you for your compliment of his work! We are having a bit of stormy weather today but sun is on the horizon and the rain is oh so necessary and welcome.