Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I wake this morning and I give thanks for all that I have! I am blissful, loved, awake, alive! I fly on wings of joy and surrounded by this gorgeous family I can soar as high as the stars. My well of gratitude is deep, is wide, it knows no bounds! Not only for what I have, what I have been given, but also what I have not received yet, and that which I do not have, that I later realized I never truly needed, so much thanks! Love flows from me, from my heart to the world...and as the circle is always moving, love is flowing towards me in beautiful, powerful, mind bending waves; covering me and my loved ones in a cloak of yummy life. 
May your gratitude be as deep as your love is huge!


  1. Beautiful words, Ruth. They fill my soul today.

    1. Patti thank you! Today was just one of those energy bursting from my heart kind of days. I am humbled and honored to have reached you to your soul.