Sunday, January 22, 2012

sweetly growing...

It is when we least expect it that our children shift into newer aspects of themselves. It is not that they don't grow when we are watching, when we are teaching and learning. It's simply that some of the largest jumps of growth seem to need privacy to bloom. 

It is exciting to bear witness to the new comical bent of my 19 month old. His new found sense of abilities that don't require (and do not want) momma or daddy help. He has suddenly taken a keen interest in dressing up, he likes to roar at all of us like a lion or a dragon (and yes each one has a different growl and body language to go with it). He speaks in these crazy 1/2 baby talk sentences that sound so sweet I wish I could translate or speak his tongue. He loves his music and will sing along to himself strumming a guitar or playing (with adult like rhythm) on one of the many drums in our house. He is brilliant!

This weird plastic raspberry thing was found in our yard after the's person came and claimed it but what a weird thing to find in the yard.

It is when my 7 year old comes to me asking questions on physics that I look at him and wonder where my cuddle bug baby has gone. Always a supremely intelligent child, he still manages to bring me to a place of awe and wonder. As science, for his chosen homeschool work, he is studying my college astronomy and dad's books on solar panel installation. He is fascinated by electronics theory and is a man of many business ventures. He has his own business name "Lazure Inc (a combination of his and his sister's names) under which he creates t-shirt logos, invents new types of smart phones, designs cars that won't harm the planet and much more I am sure that I am even unaware of. He is still my avid cuddler and I love to sit down with him and just be...something he loves to do when the others are sleeping. He is a boy existing in genius and loveliness!

We must not forget my sweet little girl. At 4.5 she is gentle and kind. A bit on the shy side she none the less is friendly and willing to play with anyone who needs a playmate. She adores her animals and love books on being a veternarian. For her to own a farm one day is one of her dreams and it is a goal I know she will reach. 

So sweetly they grow. Learning, changing and yet remaining somehow the same. It is beautiful to be a part of this dance into adulthood. 

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