Saturday, January 14, 2012

playing in the dirt

There is the occasional time that I start a project with a picture in my mind and gusto in my heart but without a full array of the know how needed to complete said project. Creating a permaculture/ edible landscape and combining it with a playscape (child wonderland of nature) has proven itself to be one of these times. While I understand the nuances of creating a garden, I do not simply wish to have a garden. I wish for my yard to tread gently on this Earth while providing a bounty of beautiful fruits and veggies for my family to eat and share with friends. I want the yard to be a lovely wonderland filled with little fairy houses hidden near tree trunks (fairy doors in knots of trees), crawl through earth tunnels, and play houses more tree than house but still perfect for a tea party. So far we have succeeded in breaking ground and halfway accomplished uprooting a very stubborn grape vine root. Here is our progress. Any suggestions?


  1. Not sure how to help... take it one day at a time I'd say :)Maybe planting a border around your house, or grabbing one plant/flower to plant a day might help keep spirits up as the hard work gets done?
    You can do it Mama! You are awesome :)

  2. thanks for the encouragement. Any suggestions to rip out this stubborn root. I want to try and salvage it if possible (I love grapes) but it is too close to the road for me to let the kids eat comfortably.