Wednesday, January 18, 2012

out and about

 His newest love...crab apples! Just the right size to make a little one feel big.
My big boy is so filled with love! Best Big Brother Possible!

There are the days when projects must get done. Days when chores are on the table and can no longer be put off. And there are days when you look around at your pile of W.I.P's (works in process), the stacks of laundry, recycling that needs sorting, dishes crying out for attention and you climb in the car and head for the hills. This was just such a day.

 Loki's foray into photography; he's really into the self portrait right now.

 The artist as the subject...spinning!
 Makes me dizzy just looking at the picture.
 After the ride.

 What's funny is while he might look like a child having a meltdown, this is how he likes to ride the baby swings now. He has graduated to normal big people park swings (proud mama!!!) so this is like a novelty.
This was taken by my 18 month old! He loves his big brother.