Tuesday, January 3, 2012

checking in...

It has truly been a rush of action and new intentions and creation moving into this new year. Many things to ponder...such as how to deal with a dramatically emotional and very sensitive 7 year old boy without damaging his sense of self or my hearing, how to finish writing 5 books efficiently while still creating a clothing business, homeschooling, running a home, keeping up on birth work, and maybe even getting outside! A big one for me this year is the creation of my not for profit educational organization. Right now the logistics are being smoothed out and things are coming together in a very synchronistic way but I will wait until things are more solid to badger you with the details. Life today is exciting and challenging and a bit intense and so I haven't even a picture to share with you. I do have love and gratitude and pictures will be soon to follow. Until another day be wonderful and enjoy your life!

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