Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Creations

Although I could celebrate Christmas and the Solstice for a month each, I am super excited now that the holidays are over, because now I can share some of what was made with you. 
 Flower Ear Muff Headbands (tutorial to come)
 Upcycled Wrist Warmers for my nephew with antiqued wooden buttons

 Upcycled Sweater Dress with Corduroy neckline, bow, and wide hem for my niece
Upcycled Wrist Warmers for my brother
 Constellation Cards for my sweet astronomer
 Carry Case for the Constellation Cards
 Upcycled Portable Denim Road with Travel Bag
 Aprons for everyone!
Salt Dough Jewelry for each munchkin to paint as they please
 8 Foot Teepee's for the two oldest 
Cozy Cuddle Pillow for the littlest 'little' in the house

How was your Handmade Holiday? What extra special creations were gifted to you or the ones you love? What extra special gifts did you make to gift? If you would like to share your handmade holiday with us, leave a link in the 'comments' section for all to share and see.


  1. Oh Ruth! I am ever so humbled and inspired by you! Keep going, girl! I follow behind you, learning as I go...

  2. Yay for handmade holidays, I was not quite as much of a busy bee as you... Man, those teepees!!!!! But I did make a box of hand made items for Victoria:

  3. patti thank you for your kind and humbling words! I blushed and gushed to my partner for 10 minutes!

  4. Natural Mama your amanita mushrooms are super awesome...the window door and flower bed details make me so happy! I want two!