Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Goodbye October, Hello November

It is with a fond farewell that I leave behind the joys of October to embrace the wonders and joy of November. I leave you with our fun antics from our trick or treating adventures last night.
 (in homage to our ancestors and Dia de los Muertos candy skull makeup)
 (we matched! he was a wee bit scary in the dark!)
 (2nd year running as the biofuels mechanic)
 (my hand me down tootsie roll)
 (our homeschool friends)
 (as close to family as friends get! love these people!!!)
 (gorgeous dancers honoring the dead)
(our cue that it is time to go home)
As we break into one of my favorite months (turkey, my birthday, family gatherings, warm yumminess, and goodies baking galore!!!) I hope to being to you all far more crafts than I have in the last few months. While my crafting has sat on the back burner to our recent move (we were slow to move in since September) I believe that we have overcome this jumble of life and I can now bring out my crafting goodies to create some loveliness! I'm excited how about you?! Welcome November you have been missed!

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