Monday, November 21, 2011

Book Review and Interview

Anni Daulter's newest cook book, "The Organic Family Cookbook", is definitely a breath of fresh air to the cooking community as well as to the world of family cooking. With page after page of delicious, savory, palette satisfying recipes, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone in the family; be they a vegetarian or a picky eater. Anni has found a way to bring to the table meals that bring the family together -from growing veggies with her toddlers to baking bread with her bigger boys- and encourages a family food culture that savors the joy of home cooking from the garden to the plate.
Ruth: What prompted you to write "the Organic Family cookbook"? 
Anni: I wrote this book because I wanted to reach more people with my message about eating healthier and living more simply. Its such an amazing opportunity to get to write books and so I take on the job very seriously. I want my books to be fun, informative, easy and beautiful. My hope with The Organic Family Cookbook was to invite people into my life and support them in making greener + more organic choices for their own families. 

Ruth: Of all of the recipes, which is your personal favorite and why?   
Anni: Oh my, that is not a fair question! I love so many of them...The garden tacos are fantastic and that was a fun little discovery...The banana nut frech toast (that is one of my favorite things to eat), and maybe theroasted chicken with dark chocolate dipping sauce and roasted veggies.

Ruth: What do you envision for you and your business for the future?  
Anni: I am doing many things...Next year I have 3 new books coming out:Naturally Fun Parties for KidsSacred Pregnancy ; 2-in-1 Baby Purees + Family Meals. I have a new site launching called Sacred Pregnancy that will accompany my SP book and I will be involved in promoting those two things. There are many ideas and plans in the pot so to speak, but I can say that I do have plans to open up my own restaurant and look forward to sharing my cooking and other ideas with the larger public very soon.
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  1. I would love to see all the other recipes, those three were a hit here!

  2. Can't wait to see more recipes. It is always good to have more healthy choices for my children.

  3. Im thrilled you enjoyed the recipes and I will be doing more cook alongs soon. Maybe I will even get hi-tech and do video cook alongs...hmmmm!