Sunday, November 13, 2011

another year

So on November the 19th I will officially be out of my 20's. I turn 30 years old and to me this is a huge accomplishment. I was a sweet and loving child a rough and tumble teen and I think as a young adult I was finally finding my way. Now, though, I have reached a major milestone as the story goes. Looking at 30 is exciting and intimidating. All of my fears of mortality have been rearing their ugly heads; who said that I want to get old when youth was so fun. But then again I feel so vibrant and young and happy in my being that I have to be thrilled with this newest of pages in my journey. This has been a year of growth and transition leading up to my 30th birthday and while I don't believe that I have ever had that "I am a grown up" moment, I think that I am getting closer to knowing and understanding what my duty as a grownup is. So Happy (upcoming) Birthday to Me and have a beautiful day!

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